After planning, attending and promoting state and national events for decades, a true passion for creating extra special experiences that everyone wanted to become part of, while having fun, became a real passion. Knowing what it takes to successfully stage and promote an event and how to manage it is no small feat. Whether we are helping to launch a major marketing campaign, celebrate an important business milestone, announce a grassroots-driven cause requiring community support and action, or planning a large benefit such as a performance, LM Gnazzo Promotion Strategies is there to help guide you and your team.

Our countless experiences and valuable expertise enable you to rest assured every detail is being addressed while you enjoy the positive results of our collaborative venture. Over the years, it’s been fun commemorating everything from our country’s major anniversary, the U.S. Constitutional Bicentennial Celebration in Philadelphia, and Battle of Gettysburg 125th Anniversary, to so many statewide non-profit milestones and community drives, large benefit concerts, statewide fundraising galas, state and national conferences, PA Farm Show “What’s New” marketing campaign events such as the “Centennial Taste” and “Centennial Shake Reveal,” to turning the State Capitol Fountain Pink for breast cancer awareness, and more. Let’s get started and together, let’s MAKE IT COUNT!